Hofmann Megaplan


The megaline SSENCE represents new HD/3D wheel alignment technology. SSENCE is fast, simple, and ideal for those customers looking to invest in the most advanced wheel alignment capability available on todays market. The software has been designed to make life as easy as possible for the operator, minimising unnecessary procedures commonly found on other, similar systems.

  • SSENCE 400: manual camera barmovement, perfect for working on a pit.
    SSENCE 400 incorporates semi-automatic adjustment of the height of the camera bar using a gravity/counterweight
    method. Live readings can be obtained in a matter of seconds, and a simple, customer-friendly print out is provided
    in an instant. It comes with a 19“ colour monitor

  • SSENCE 600: movement by motor, controlled by lift position. Full automatic.

    SSENCE 600 comes with the motorised camera bar, fully automatically synchronised with the up/down movement
    of the lift. In additon it boasts a visually-impacting 32“ display mounted on the upright of the column.


High resolution cameras, small and light targets |  System is delivered with AutoData® Database  |  All systems can be controlled by an ANDRIOD device  |  Driver and Software is pre-installed. (Android® Device not included)  |  Trolley available as an option

Megaline 1000W 8 CCD

Use your own computer running Windows to make perfect alignments
4 small lightweight measuring heads
chargable LiIo-batteries
save data transfer by Bluetooth2
electronic accelerometer boards

  • Bluetooth 2.0 Total Wireless System B data transfer up to 30m.
  • Sensors with reliable, long life Lithium-IO batteries.
  • MegaLight 8 CCD sensors Only 2,5 kg, can be handled with clamps mounted. Aligner remote control on each sensor head.
    Work up to 24 hours with one charge.
  • Extreme fast and easy operation. No big case – use your own laptop.
  • Use all advantages of a Windows® system • Separate external charger for heads • Made in Italy

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